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With new innovations in sound being created daily, there are some genres of music that will never go out of style and have changed little since their inception. Blues and acoustic guitars will forever resonate with the majority of music lovers. Combining these iconic sounds with pop creates a type of music that is accessible and ubiquitous. Canadian singer-songwriter, Elessar Thiessen, is a reflection of the synthesis of blues guitar licks fused with modern pop rock. With a safe and mainstream style similar to that of John Mayer, Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson

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Thiessen’s latest full-length release A Rainy Week In Paradise showcases everything that makes this bluesy, soulful, surf-scruffy troubadour an exciting prospect in the world of alternative folk-rock. Part John Mayer, part Jason Mraz, he writes about longing, angst and agony, his lyrics poetic and melancholy, yet always, in the end, uplifting. In short, he’s the kind of guy you wouldn’t be surprised to find sitting under a tree on a sunny day, straw hat cocked, strumming a guitar with an almost-finished glass of whiskey by his side.

Christopher Russell - Weekly Podcast


Thiessen has a very welcoming persona and exhibits courageousness in his lyrics and soul in his attitude. His songwriting is up to par with that of Jason Mraz or John Mayer. Filled with all sorts of genuine musical twists and turns, the listening experience that Elessar creates on A Rainy Week in Paradise is inspirational. The fact of the matter is that Elessar Thiessen is a singer-songwriter for the twenty first century and he will not be easily forgotten.

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Often times when I review a musical work, my mind tries to categorize it into something that it sounds like. But the recent release by Winnipeg’s Elessar Thiessen eludes that pigeonholing; traversing the territory of adult contemporary music with ease.

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A Rainy Week In Paradisefrom Canadian singer-songwriter Elessar Thiessen, is an incredibly poetic and beautiful album. Taking cues from guitarists such as John Mayer, Paradise is a relaxing and refreshing blend of pop and blues that will delight both the ears and soul. … one of the stronger albums we’ve come across this year.

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A Rainy Week In Paradise” is ideal for chilling out with a significant other, friends or even by yourself… Stripped back performance seems to be Thiessen’s forte.

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If you dig on singers like John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, or Jason Mraz, you are about to fall in love with Elessar.

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One of smoothest sounding voices I have heard in a long time belongs to the very talented Elessar Thiessen… Elessar lets his impressive vocal style shine as the star player on all of the silky smooth tracks. I found myself likening his style to a mix of Jason Mraz meets John Mayer meets someone I can’t quite put my finger on just yet, but it is without a doubt both masterfully produced and mixed.

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Elessar Thiessen has a voice endlessly imitated and yet rarely achieved with the same sort of bluesy, soulful conviction he possesses. A Rainy Week in Paradise…a showery storm in an otherwise sunny garden, the album is a pure melancholy delight. Whether he’s by his lonesome as on the opening “Another Love Song” or has been given a helping hand by a full band on songs like “When the World Ends,” the entire record remains incredibly intimate and heartfelt.

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Elessar Thiessen’s “A Rainy Week In Paradise” is a collection of casual cool summer songs in the style of his fellow countrymen like Mac DeMarco and Alex Calder. Using a polished pop style Elessar Thiessen recalls Lambchop’s emphasis on group play. Vocals are smooth lyrics are articulate focusing on affection. Indeed the album is quite lovely as Elessar Thiessen’s jazz rock fusions bare great fruit, with nimble guitar playing and tidy keyboard work.

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More Than Canada’s Answer to Sheeran… If Canadian upstart Elessar Thiessen sounds familiar, it’s because your ears are used to the stylings of Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran and John Mayer on the radio over the past decade. Silky, fun, yet deep and even funky at times, Thiessen’s tunes featured on “A Rainy Week in Paradise” are a great companion on a long road trip, where you’d rather smile than think. Thanks to a nice blend of sounds and plenty of talent on multiple instruments, Thiessen quickly separates himself from critics that’ll disregard him by saying that he sounds like a combination of Sheeran and Mraz.

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A singer/songwriter channelling a soul/jazz tradition, the eleven tracks take us through some raw emotions and great musicality, both from Thiessen (guitar and keyboards) and his assembled band on this record. But its greatest asset is his smooth, soulful voice. He weaves in and out of the melody, like a jazz singer. Self-produced and with all songs written by Thiessen, A Rainy Day In Paradise is an apt title, given the light and shade here – upbeat themes, downbeat woes, quiet acoustic guitar and amplified toe-tapping.

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Thiessen… has become highly adept at being a rhythmic translator of the human spirit through song. His sound is a rich blend of rock and ambient music that switches between a drifting moodiness and boisterous bursts of sunshine.



Are you a fan of artists like John Mayer and Jason Mraz? If so, stop everything you're doing right now and listen to Elessar Thiessen's new album, "A Rainy Week in Paradise". This piece of music has a real earthy feel, as it combines both a modern pop rock sound with guitar licks typically found in blues songs. Thiessen's music is truly something that doesn't just appeal to musicians, but the common fan as well. There is a profound poetry and depth to his art that is hard to find nowadays. When you listen to this album, you can expect all sorts of musical twists that will leave you hooked.

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Elessar Thiessen isn’t kidding around even though he appears to be a gentle soul. Thiessen sounds like Amy Winehouse and Ed Sheeran at the same time. There’s a John Mayer and Jason Mraz thing going on. Mostly, Thiessen’s voice is all his own. His voice has a purred edge.

Lisa Waugh - Scallywag Magazine