Elessar Thiessen

Casual in character and passionate in life, Elessar offers his own unique approach to the singer-songwriter of today. He spends his days in the studio working as a full time producer, and his evenings, sipping spirits, surfing and pursuing his own musical endeavours. Born and raised in the heart of Canada, Elessar quickly learned to cope with the wavering climate. Limited at times to stay indoor, Elessar was naturally drawn to music. He bought his first guitar at the age of 8, and has been playing and writing ever since. 

As a Producer Elessar's craft has grown organically. It started with a laptop microphone. Followed by his music production courses in high school under the tutelage of award winning teacher/composer, Zane Zalis. He then spent 2 years under the guidance of Juno award winning producer Jordan Jackiew. Elessar now works as an independent produce working on productions ranging in styles from Hip Hop to Rock, Electronic to Folk, and everything in between. Check out his work below.